Large number of Central Americans on the move to Mexicali

The National Institute of Migration in Chiapas reported that a new exodus of Central American migrants, including women, children and older adults, from Honduras and Guatemala, is on its way to Mexicali.  All of these migrants declare that their destination in Northern Mexico is the capital of Baja California.

On Sunday March 25, the Federal Police reported that a large number of people were seen walking along kilometer 12 of the federal highway 200, on the Tapachula-Mapastepec stretch.

They arrived in Huixtla, stayed overnight and restarted the walk on the next morning. Today, they will all take their chances to survive “The Beast” (La Bestia), the freight train that will take them far up north, and closer to their final destination.

They do not have an exact date of arrival in Mexicali, but from the experience of previous events, it could take them about eight days.  The Federal Police in support of Inami is monitoring this group’s journey.

The migrants complained and said they were not allowed access to the government operated shelter. They were not even allowed to use the restrooms.

As these migrants are fleeing from the terrible misery that overwhelms their countries, they do not carry any money and survive thanks to other people’s charity.

Source: OEM

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