80% of the wetlands in Mexicali have become extinct: Conanp

80% of the wetlands that once sheltered Mexicali have become extinct, causing damage to the fauna and flora that depends on them, experts at the symposium convened by the (Costa Salvaje) association revealed.

This is according to the Sonoran Institute estimates, represented in Mexicali by Edith Santiago, who specified the importance of preserving Ramsar sites and other bodies of water due to their international relevance.

“If we talk about the river avenues at the beginning of the last century, 80% of wetlands have been reduced only in the Mexicali region because there are no more channels on the river,” he explained.

“There are many birds that use them in their migration, part of the actions to generate reconnection is reforestation, sediment removal and monitoring,” said Santiago.

She added that with the “Mexicali fluye” project, 6,500 cubic meters of garbage were removed in the last year, from the lagoons, 8 thousand cubic meters of waste removed in the Tula, Mexicali and Internacional channels.

The representatives of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (Conanp), explained that the limits of the wetlands are defined in 100% at the national level.

Source: Conanp

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