BC State Attorney to investigate threats against Tijuana journalist by alleged Human Rights defender

The threats against Tijuana journalist Odilón Garcia by someone claiming to represent a Non-Governmental Organization that defends human rights, t should worry all Baja California journalist and it’s something that must be taken care of by the Federal Government, after the first threats, a big public message was left yesterday in the streets of Tijuana threatening with more violence against the journalist and his family by a person that has even insulted Governor Francisco Kiko Vega, and has said that he has organized an army of corrupted journalists.

The State Attorney’s Office must investigate this as soon as possible and enforce the Law to its last consequences, against this person and those who are with him and all those who protect him, these actions and words are rejected by all Baja California society and in this sense the federal authorities should act through the attorneys federal office

This is the press release by the state government of Baja California regarding this shameful case:

  1. Baja California General Attorney’s Office is already investigating the threats against journalist Odilón García in the most precise and contextualized manner, to take this case before a judge, due to the dangerousness of the threats, which even if they are not considered a felony the threat was clear and very violent.
  2. The State Government has communicated the Federal Government Secretary (a Mexican sort of State Department) to investigate the so called human rights organization that Mr. Ivan Riebeling (the guy who threatened García) allegedly represents, because there is another legal claim from Mexico’s Senate regarding false documents that this person flashed pretending to represent Mexico Senate.
  3. The State Government in its legal capabilities is working 100%, because everything seems to show that Mr. Riebeling has some kind of Federal concealed protection, his behavior is intolerable for Baja California authorities as well as for the State journalists, this person keeps threatening through social media and public spaces that is why the Protection Mechanism to protect Mr. Odilon Garcia has been activated in Baja California.

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