Baja California’s aquaculture potential attracts entrepeneurs from Australia

“With a natural and human potential for aquaculture production of bivalve molluscs, of which an average of 3,500 tons per year are harvested in Baja California, this industry has managed to attract the attention of highly competitive countries such as Australia”, said the Secretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the State, Matías Arjona Rydalch.

On Thursday April 5, the Ambassador of Australia in Mexico, David Engel, toured oyster and mussel crops in Ensenada Bay, together with local fish farmers and representatives of public and private organizations.

During the trip, the diplomat learned that in Baja California last year more than two thousand tons of oyster, 205 of mussels, 23.5 of abalone and 10.6 of clam were harvested in these farms, which are added to the more than one thousand tons that were collected in the wild of abalone, clam and other species.

The tour was headed by Mathew Brown, Matt Will and Leon Stott, who are related to the commercialization, development and consultancy of machinery and large-scale culture of oysters in Australia, as well as Sagra Clorio Jessel, Business Development Manager of the Australian Embassy in Mexico.


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