Haitian immigrant who settled in Mexicali, finally achieved the “American Dream”

The future mother known in Mexicali as “Loveli braids” fulfilled her dream of living in the United States, specifically in Florida, after traveling from Haiti.

It was through her FB account that she thanked the community of Mexicali for helping her on her trip, providing her with work, home and food.

“My dream is finally fulfilled today! I woke up in Florida United States, after traveling thousands of kilometers from Haiti, suffering cold, hunger, crossing mountains, and walking for days with crackers as only source of food.

I am grateful to Mexicali who welcomed me, helped me and gave me a job. I thanked the good people of this city for their hospitality.

Mexico is a beautiful country, you live free, you can work, you can have a car, medical help and buy what you need (not as in Haiti), as long as you work and you behave! “, This is part of the message she published on the social network.

Source: https://www.facebook.com

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