Two mummified corpses in Mexicali of possible missing cousins found

Authorities in Mexicali found two bodies in an advanced state of decomposition with possible identical characteristics to two young cousins that disappeared in 2017, one of them a resident of Calexico.

Last Wednesday, March 28, a resident found two lifeless human bodies in bushes in a field near a road heading towards the Mexicali airport. The bodies were already completely dry and almost mummified, with a decomposition of several months, possibly belonging to the two cousins who went missing on December 1, 2017.

The two bodies were found fully clothed and it’s presumed that it is the young people who went missing, said David Lozano Blancas, the Coordinator of Special Investigations and Violent Homicides of the Sub Attorney General of the State of Baja California.


The cousins are 17-year-old student Gerardo Miranda, a resident of Calexico, Calif., and 18-year-old Mariana Pérez, a resident of Mexicali. Although the clothing is a match, a tattoo was also found along with long hair on Perez’s skull. Based on the state of decomposition of the corpses, genetic tests will be conducted.

The tests will be compared with the relatives of the missing cousins. Legally the bodies still remain unidentified; however, all the characteristics coincide with Gerardo and Mariana, according to authorities.

Both had a cranial impact, which could be due to a firearm, this according to officials. The white Jeep Patriot truck in which they were traveling in was found four months ago. Once identified, a homicide investigation will be launched.

Genetic tests are expected to be ready in about 30 days to determine the identity of the two bodies.


TBP Newsroom with information from NBC News

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