National Defense Secretary and State Preventive Police seek the soldiers’ attackers

The search for the alleged criminals who attacked Mexican Armed Forces soldiers has intensified and there is coordination between the State Preventive Police and the National Defense Secretary personnel trying to locate the people who fired against Mexican soldiers Monday April 9th at about 8 o’clock at night, according to a press release issued by the State Security Secretary.

After the aggression, which occurred at 19:49 hours Monday night, according to the Ministerial Police of the State General Attorney Office radio central reports, when a military convoy was approaching the aforementioned vehicles, whose occupants opened fire against the soldiers who shot back and manage to hurt some of the criminals who escaped on board of a blue Ford Explorer and a white pickup truck.

Baja California State Security Secretary, alerted citizens all over the State and asked them to dial 911 and/or 089 to inform authorities if they see or notice the presence of suspicious people, wounded by  gunshots.

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