COTUCO will launch new “Farmer Market” concept in the Mexicali Valley

An artisanal food pavilion featuring regional gastronomic delicacies such as cheeses and dates will be integrated into the Mexicali Valley, reported Jaime Roberts Vildósola. The President of the Committee of Tourism and Conventions (Cotuco) explained that they are integrating the “Farmer Market” to promote gastronomy tours in the valley.

“Where families can learn how farmers grow and process the best export dates and special editions prepared with chili, chocolate, coconut, etc. Tourists will also be able to visit the facilities where cheeses are manufactured with pure whole milk (cow and goat milk), and where they will have the chance to sample these delicacies. ” said Roberts Vildósola.

“We are integrating several sites that already have production so that people can taste and consume what is produced in the Valley of Mexicali”; said the president of Cotuco, adding that they will promote products and services that characterize the area for their identity, as a tourist attraction. As is the case with products such as craft beer, Chinese food or the Chinesca.

Currently, 80% of the tourism that Mexicali receives comes to the city for business purposes and stays from Monday to Thursday. The objective is to boost tourism during the weekend with tourist routes and make visitors return with their families.

Source: COTUCO

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