England’s prince Harry’s future in-law leads quiet ex-pat life in Baja California

The man has been spotted at the sprawling Pabellón Rosarito shopping mall, with a woman at Peter Piper Pizza.

Elsewhere along the coastal strip that spans Tijuana and Rosarito Beach, Thomas Markle has patronized a taco shop, purchased beer, ordered a take-out sandwich at a local café.

Nothing remarkable for an American retiree leading a quiet life south of the border.

But these days, no detail of Markle’s life is too small for the paparazzi who come knocking on the door of his house overlooking the Pacific Ocean and follow his tracks to nearby businesses. Hard as he has tried, Markle cannot escape the limelight: His daughter, the former actress Meghan Markle, is preparing to marry into the British royal family on May 19.

The British press depict Prince Harry’s future father-in-law as a shy and reclusive man, and there’s a question of whether he will walk her down the aisle of St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, or deliver a father-of-the bride speech.

He has not been giving interviews: “No comment kids, thank you,” Markle told staff from the London tabloid, The Sun, when they trailed him to a convenience store near his Baja California residence, and reported his purchase of three packs of cigarettes.

Markle’s life in Baja California is worlds away from Buckingham Palace, and the less formal lifestyle here seems better suited to the 73-year-old former soap opera lighting director. He makes his home in a quiet gated community overlooking the Pacific Ocean, one of a string of ex-pat enclaves that line the toll road from Tijuana to Ensenada.

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