PGJE retrieves 55 vehicles reported stolen in Mexicali

As a result of the operations carried out by the agents of the Ministerial Police assigned to the groups of vehicle thefts in coordination with the different police corporations, 55 vehicles with theft report were recovered in this city.

The Deputy Prosecutor for the Mexicali zone, Fernando Ramírez Amador, said that as part of the State Crusade for Security (Cruzada Estatal por la Seguridad), actions to combat robbery in all its forms have been strengthened, resulting in a decrease in this type of crime during the first three months of the year (compared to last year).

Ramírez Amador said that to determine the area where the operation is carried out, the Vehicle Theft Department performs an analysis of the neighborhoods where a higher rate of vehicle theft is detected and the efforts are focused on those places of high incidence.

He added that there is also good effectiveness in linking the suspects to process in most vehicle theft cases.

Ramírez Amador explained that prevention is important, so it is necessary to follow the recommendations provided by the authorities, such as having a switch, car alarm, steering wheel stick, not to leave valuable belongings in sight, etc. In case of being a victim of this crime, those affected can make a pre-report to the emergency number 911, immediately providing the characteristics of the car, the report is passed to all police corporations and the chances to recover the car are greater.

The Deputy Prosecutor for the Mexicali zone concluded saying that for any questions or to report a stolen vehicle, citizens can go to the following Vehicle Theft Investigation Units:

  • Central unit, located at Lázaro Cárdenas 1159.
  • Infonavit (Cucapa subdivision).
  • Integral Center of Citizen Attention (CIAC), Eastern Zone, located on Ortosa Street and Ankerita in the Pedregal Turquesa subdivision.

Source: SSPEBC

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