American corporations still trust Baja California to invest 2.9 billion pesos and create jobs

The alleged re-negotiation and review of the NAFTA agreement has not become an obstacle for American corporations to keep investing in Baja California, and they have shown reiterated trust and confidence in the State as investment destination and the last trip of Governor Kiko Vega proved it.
Operation enhancements implying 2.9 billion pesos (159 MD) of US companies operating in Baja California, were part of the results of Governor Francisco Kiko Vega promotion tour in the USA which took place the first days of April, which included Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Diego.
Economic Development Secretary, Carlo Bonfante Olache was part of Mr. Vega’s entourage and announced that Dela Incorporated, foam and textile manufacturer, from Boston, Massachusetts, which will invest 10 million dollars and will create 100 new jobs while the Dialysis at home devices manufacturer MXStage will invest 5 million dollars to create 100 new jobs.
The tour also included Montreal where they got together with top executives of the aircraft manufacturer BOMBARDIER, to show them the benefits that several aerospace companies have obtained in Baja California, thus making their operation more efficient and profitable.
Several other companies will also enhance their operations in Baja California, among them: DART Container with 40 MD and the creation of 200 jobs, Medline with a 118 million dollar investment in Mexicali which will imply the creation of 3 thousand jobs.
There were several other companies and corporate headquarters visited by the entourage headed by Governor Vega and Secretary Bonfante, which also include a 22 MD investment in the aerospace sector which will mean around 200 new jobs for Baja California residents.

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