Alleged human rights organization keeps threatening journalists and even the Governor

A hunger strike in Mexico City adds up to the recent threats against a Tijuana journalist by mister Ivan Martin del Campo Riebeling, who posted a video from the Independence monument in Mexico City, in front of a row of policemen and in the company of an individual whose name is Mariano Soto.

The video it’s a close shot with Riebeling dragging chains and saying that he’s going on a hunger strike until alleged threats against him from the Governor of Baja California stop, while the other person calls the Governor names and makes hand signals in a rather harsh, aggressive and even vulgar way, insulting the governor directly.

In a YouTube tV program, Riebeling was defended, recognition diplomas for him from the Senate were shown, allegedly issued by senator Isidro Peraza Chávez in March 2018, who stated in an interview with news agency AFN, that he doesn’t have any relation weather Mr. Riebeling, and accused him dried immigrants in Mexico City pretending to be an authority on human rights from the Senate of the Republic.

After denying any kind of professional relationship with Mr. Riebeling he also said that as of January 27th 2016, senator Roberto Gil Zuarth filed a legal complaint against Riebeling for pretending to be human right coordinator of Mexico’s Senate, saying that there is no such thing and the proof can be seen in Press Release #850 from the Social Communication Direction of the Senate of the Republic of Mexico.

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