AMLO visits Tijuana as part of his campaign

The presidential candidate for the Juntos Haremos Historia coalition, Andrés Manuel López Obrador held a meeting in Tijuana on Sunday April 15.

The Tabasco politician pointed out that for the transformation of the country offered by the movement he leads, society’s participation is required.

“This does not depend on a single man, on a handful of leaders; It’s everyone’s business. We are very close to achieving a new transformation; this will be something sublime, this transformation will be a historic event, “he said.

In this regard, he stressed that “we are not going to simulate, there will be no deception. There will be fundamental changes, and do not worry about our performance, be confident, I will not fail you, “he continued.

He emphasized  in the new government, officials will act with rectitude and without committing acts of corruption.

The candidate stressed that the people of Mexico have values ​​and is honest, with that is enough to end corruption in the country.

He added, the salary of labour and agricultural workers will be increased, and the development of agriculture will be promoted, putting an end to “some people’s privileges”.

López Obrador stated that in the area of ​​the northern border he will create a free zone, which will have a reduction in Income Tax and investment will be boosted.

“Mexico is a free country, a sovereign country; we are not going to do the dirty work of any foreign government, we will always seek a relationship of friendship, respect and cooperation with the United States” AMLO said.

López Obrador also visited the municipalities of Tecate, Ensenada and Rosarito as part of his campaign.

Source: Radio Formula

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