Congress representative candidate pledges to fight violence against women

To lobby for more resources to apply on public security, and to seek bigger punishment for criminals, with more severe sentences and new technologies application to protect the people from the crime wave that not only affects Mexicali but the rest of the State and even the country are some of the proposals of Jose Lauro Aréstegui, PRI candidate for District 02 Congress Representation.

He also said that the problem with crime is a big worry among Mexicali citizens, so he will take the claim for more security and safe streets of Mexicali residents to the Union Congress and he will make it a personal priority to improve the life quality of Mexicali residents.

He also said that one of the most vulnerable social groups which has been affected by violence is the female gender, so it is necessary to look for mechanisms and public policies regarding Public Safety, to guarantee Mexicali and all Baja California women a safer environment in which they can live and work safely.

He committed himself to legislate and to propose more severe sanctions to punish crimes of violence, abuse and hate against women since it’s a duty for the people’s representatives to protect the integrity of the citizens enforcing the law to its maximum consequences.

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