PEP and INM detect 3 Americans wanted in the US for different crimes

MEXICALI, B.C., to April 20, 2018.- North Americans who were
sought by authorities in their country of origin for crimes such as trafficking
of drugs, robbery and sexual exploitation, were detected by agents
of the International Liaison Coordination of the State Police
Preventive Program (PEP) and the National Institute of Migration in Mexicali and

From the International Liaison Coordination of the PEP, it was reported that
the detection of the first subject was generated during an operation of
migratory control that both instances carried out in Colonia
Pueblo Nuevo of the state capital, where they proceeded to verify
the legal status of these foreigners.

After verifying the subject’s named Ezequiel “N”, 29 years old
originally from Los Angeles, California, United States,
He reported that he did not prove his legal stay in the country.

In another operation in Colonia Orizaba PEP agents detected Michael Arthur
“N”, 28 years old, originally from Los Angeles, California, who
was sought by the US Marshals since November 2016 with
10 charges for the crime of sexual exploitation.

Finally in Tijuana at an immigration control point in Colonia
Francisco Villa Hassan “N”, 39, was located, who
could not demonstrate his legal stay in Mexico, and who was wanted from
November 2017 by the US Marshals for the crime of trafficking
Marijuana to the US.

Therefore, the suspect was handed out to the US Marshall and his legal status

is yet to be determined by the proper authorities in the US.


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