Two billion people worldwide work are part of the “informal economy”


First of May, International Labor Day in all the world, except in the US and Canada, shabby celebration with two thousand million people, about 60% of the world active population, working in the so called “informal economy”, according to the  International Labour Organization (ILO), based on research done in more than one hundred countries, according to UN radio information and ILO organization’s web site.

Active population includes with all those people of age and legal capacity to get in the labor market, the age ranges vary according to the each country’s Labour Law and, according to that the “submerged economy| includes all those who are not unemployed but don’t work under “legal formality”.

The report showed that 93% of the whole world informal jobs are in emerging countries, people living in rural areas have double probabilities to become part of the informal sector than those living in urban areas, agriculture is the most affected by informal employment, more than 90% of the jobs are informal there.

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