Leon Fierro case gets complicated

While Leon Fierro father says that the fight of the social activist, detained on what he considers political prosecution,is for the water, a media Outlet in Baja California says that Mexicali Resiste leader might be related to other crimes, but those are only rumors since the only criminal charge against Leon is attempted murder against several state policemen last January.

Serious accusations by a local media Outlet called EL INFORMAL, which points out that Fierro was involved in two homemade bomb attacks, but neither of these cases, which date back to several years, the Mexicali Resiste leading member was affected or officially involved, as a matter of fact (apart from these accusations) Leon Fierro could leave court as a free man this Tuesday.

The opposition’s to Constellation Brands brewing plant construction in Mexicali Valley and the intensive use of Mexicali water by this company, as well as the Private Public Partnerships which have been formed to operate and construct the desalination plants in the coast area of Baja California, are the fight of Mexicali Resiste and according to them, these companies will imply an 85 billion pesos debt

Even now, when it seems that things are getting worse for Leon Fierro tomorrow the arrangement hearing will take place and he could be arraigned and tried for attempted murder or even walk out of court with no problem whatsoever.



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