Leon Fierro, attempted homicide downgraded to agression, but he remains in jail

(Photos: AAV & Rosella Rosillo)

While his fellow Mexicali Resiste militant fellows portested outside the Court, Leon Fierro faced an arraignment hearing, he had been accused of attempted murder but during last Tuesday’s hearing the accusation was reduced to aggression against Police officers during a violent demonstration now he will have to face the process from jail, it was decided by the judge in charge of the case, thus provoking reactions for and against the decision.

Fierro’s lawyer Fernando Rosales questioned several witnesses, who stated that Fierro had tried to move his car for safekeeping because there were stones and other projectiles being thrown to each other by demonstrators and policemen, the crime for which he was accused was reduced but the benefit of personal freedom during process for Leon Fierro was denied, even though he was expected to face trial as a free man, now he will spend at least two months in jail.

Fierro broke down and cried when he realized that he would be at least two months in jail and the most radical wing of Mexicali Resiste were aggressive and they attacked the judge, journalists, government and other people who don’t agree with them, anyway the accusation was reduced to aggression charges but there was no freedom for Fierro, who is one of the visible heads of Mexicali Resiste a movement that opposes to the arrival of Constellation Brands, a giant almighty corporation which will open a brewery in Mexicali.

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