[:en]Loreto: an undiscovered treasure in Baja Sur[:es]Loreto: un tesoro por descubrir en Baja California Sur[:]

[:en]Members of the FutureCast Forum recently toured the historic Mexican fishing town of Loreto on Baja California Sur and explored the growing trend for Americans to seek lifestyles south of the border. Predicted to become the “first choice in second homes,” Loreto has gained in its popularity given its infancy as a resort market, relative home values and convenient servicing by Alaska Airlines (less than two hours from Los Angeles).

A compelling alternative to the more frenetic and expensive Cabo San Lucas, property buyers, vacation goers and even the TPC Network are drawn to Loreto’s unparalleled recreation, full-service amenities and pristine natural surroundings. 

“Loreto is the Baja’s next move,” said Dean Jones, President of Realogics Inc., a Seattle-based real estate marketing consultancy and owner of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty. “For the past 35 years, The Villa Group have been the foremost experts in developing world-class resort destinations in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cancun and now they bring their vision to the shores of Danzante Bay.”

Danzante Bay at the Islands of Loreto is the distillation of this ethos. Bounded by Baja’s majestic Sierra de la Giganta mountain range and the Sea of Cortez, this remarkable community stands as a lush oasis against the area’s diverse geology.

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Red rock cathedrals suggest Sedona, while the cactus-dotted desert landscape is reminiscent of the Coachella Valley. At times, it’s easy to feel lost in the canyons and peaks, but for the sparkling waters of the Bahía de Loreto National Park on the horizon – a reserve so rich in marine life that Jacques Cousteau referred to its waters as “the world’s aquarium.” The Gulf of California offers infinite waterways to explore above and below the surface of the sea.

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Source: http://www.seattlemag.com[:es]Vive una experiencia única en los océanos, selvas, manglares, desiertos y bosques del país. Descubre más sobre la enorme diversidad de climas, ecosistemas, vida animal y vegetal de México.

LoretoBaja California Sur, es un paraíso único en el Mar de Cortés. Descubra atractivos turísticos, pesca, avistamiento de ballenas, buceo y mucho más.

Loreto es un pequeño paraíso aislado del mundo, custodiado por la Sierra de la Giganta y el Mar de Cortés.

Se ubica cerca del Mar de Cortés y la Sierra de la Giganta. Visita este Pueblo Mágico y disfruta de los avistamientos ballenas.



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