Ministry of Environmental Protection encourages the population to prevent fires

The Ministry of Environmental Protection encourages the population to participate in prevention actions to reduce the risk of forest fires.

MEXICALI.- Monday, May 14, 2018.- With the objective of carrying out actions in the area of ​​prevention and awareness among the population, to prevent forest fires in the state that seriously affect the environment, the State Government, through of the Secretariat of Environmental Protection (SPA), issues recommendations as part of the prevention campaign.

The SPA informed that since the month of April, it began with an intense campaign of prevention and cultural awareness, through the implementation of actions and measures that help to avoid this type of accidents in the state, such as workshops, talks in educational institutions, as well as as the distribution of leaflets and brochures with preventive information and telephone numbers to report fires.

With this prevention campaign, actions are carried out such as: physical prevention activities, rehabilitation and opening of firebreaks in areas with high risk, as well as the realization of black lines, controlled burning and routes in the areas of greatest incidence such as municipalities of Tecate and Ensenada, with lower incidence Tijuana and Rosarito.

The state agency, indicated that forest fires are more frequent in the months of May to October, so the State Government encourages the population in general to support prevention actions and reduce together the risks of forest fires in the region, through the following preventive measures:

· Do not burn garbage on days with wind and heat (do not burn garbage at all)

· If traveling by road, do not throw cigarettes, matches.

· If going to a picnic, avoid making fires.

· If it is essential to build a campfire, the following recommendations should be taken into account: clean at least 3 meters daily, do it out of the reach of vegetation, place stones around the fire and at the end of the activity turn it off completely with water

· Do not burn for agricultural purposes, hot days and with the presence of winds.

In case of fire, call Cuartel Forestal El Hongo/SPA: (665) 655-2007; Tecate/CONAFOR: (665) 655-7660; Ensenada/CONAFOR: (646) 176-5650.

Source: Gob. del Estado de Baja California

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