Woman arrested in Mexicali carrying heroin on her buttocks

Agents of the Regional Security Division of the Federal Police detained, at the Mexicali International Airport, a woman carrying two packages of heroin hidden underneath her underwear.

In a statement, the corporation said that the police were conducting random check ups on passengers and luggage of a commercial flight from Culiacán, Sinaloa, when they noticed that the woman showed an evasive and nervous attitude in the presence of the police agents.

When approaching her, one of the agents realized that she had an unnatural swelling in her buttocks and when questioned, she said she was carrying two packages.

In the document, Federal Police explained that, privately and with the presence of a policewoman, the detainee extracted from under her underwear two packages containing a pasty substance with the characteristics of heroin, with an approximate weight of one kilogram.

The woman, of Mexican nationality, was placed under custody of the agent of the Public Ministry of the Federation in Mexicali, Baja California, where the corresponding investigations will be followed up, and her legal status will be determined.

TBP Newsroom with information from Noticieros Televisa

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