Tijuana ready to host the second presidential debate

Sunday’s debate will revolve around foreign policy and the migrants situation.

The second presidential debate organized by the National Electoral Institute (INE) will address the proposals on foreign trade, Mexico’s relationship with the world, border security and migrant rights, so it’s no surprise that Tijuana, Baja California, has been chosen as headquarters for this meeting, because “here is where the homeland begins.”
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With a population of one million 641 thousand 570 inhabitants, this may be the most multicultural city in the Mexican Republic, as thousands of people from all over the continent come and go across the border.

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Tijuana is a convulsed city, under pressure from the drug cartels, migration, violence and prostitution; but it is also the “capital of television” with more than 600 factories generating 20 billion dollars a year in exports; and at the same time it is the cradle of academics, boasting almost 30 houses of studies, among which stand out: the School of the Northern Border, the Technological Institute of Tijuana, the Diocesan Seminary of Tijuana or the Autonomous University of Baja California.


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The Tijuana campus of the Autonomous University of Baja California will host this second presidential debate, which will be moderated by journalists Yuriria Sierra and León Krauze, and in which for the first time, four citizens will be able to question the presidential candidates.

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The vice-rector of the university, María Eugenia Pérez, confirmed that since Friday, May 11, agents of the General Staff took control of the campus, while the microphones, lights and scenery that will be needed for Sunday night are installed.

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