A couple of hours away from the Second Presidential Debate in Tijuana


Cheers, shouts and chants as well as the presence of local candidates to the Senate and Federal Congress flags waving, communication mass media from all over the country and perhaps the world, all gathered expecting for what will be the second debate of Mexico’s President candidates, in Tijuana Baja California inside the State University (UABC) facilities.

A handful of demonstrators of Mexicali Resiste were shouting and  demanding Leon Fierro freedom, protesting against Constellation Brands and its brewery plant which very soon will start operations in Mexicali, as well as the people who walked from Mexicali to Rosarito in what they consider part of the water wars, and traffic all around the UABC campus.

In a few minutes the candidates will be arriving to the university facilities and the second debate will start, with different expectations: Will PAN and PRI candidates keep their attack on Lopez Obrador?. Will Lopez Obrador talk coherently and fluently without those pauses that cost him a lot of time in the first debate?

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