Mexicali man beats up to death his 4 month-old son

Ministerial agents arrested a man who beat up his 4 month-old twin children, killing one of them.

Carolina arrived with her children to the General Hospital to look for help for the small Armando Alejandro, born last February, since he was convulsing because of a blow from his own father, Eliazith “N”, 22 year-old.

When members of the Intrafamily Violence Unit of the Municipal Public Security Directorate and the Ministerial Police attended, they noticed that the mother said the man hit the children at 08:00 am and she did not show up at the hospital until after 10 am.

Local doctors reported that the child was hurt very bad, and that he could probably died due to his injuries.

So, the ministerial police started looking for the alleged perpetrator at the Real del Río subdivision, where the incident took place, and where the couple lives with two other children.

Unfortunately, a few hours later, it was reported that the infant had died as a result of a severe head injury, so the search protocol of the alleged perpetrator was activated, and he was caught by agents of the ministerial police.

Source: OEM

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