Facebook fake news site accuses Mexicali Resiste of money laundering

A Facebook fake account has appeared in Mexicali, talking about Mexicali Resiste, the organization that is allegedly fighting for the water, this profile is accusing them of money laundering, but there’s no further information and what that profile states has no fundament or explanation, it only accuses, mentioning several names in a diagram which explains the “chain of command” and reiterating that the activists are guilty of such a crime.

The relationship between the activist group and Morena it’s mentioned in the diagram, the political party, which is led in Baja California by Jaime Bonilla, is said to be the financial source of this organization, which is still camping outside City Hall and in front and behind the executive branch building of Baja California in Mexicali Civic Center.
Recently, there was a March of Mexicali Resiste demonstrators who walked to Rosarito to protest against the desalination plant being built there but rumor has it that they were not well received by people from Rosarito.

The graphic depicting the manner in which Mexicali Resiste supposedly launders money, has elicited a whole lot of replies in Facebook, some people attacking them and others defending the activists, nevertheless the attack is evident and now it seems to worsen with tomorrow’s hearing in the León Fierro trial, he is being tried for aggressions, because he tried to run over policemen, when a demonstration turned into a free for all fight between Police and demonstrators.


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