León Fierro, Mexicali Resiste spokesman will face trial a free man


Freedom for one of Mexicali Resiste visible leaders is a fact, Leon Fierro was liberated Wednesday noon, and he had been incarcerated for aggressions against Police agents during a violent confrontation between State Policemen and Mexicali Resiste militants, when he got on his car and tried to run over State Police effectives.

Militants had taken Fierro’s imprisonment as a banner calling him a “Political inmate” and he had been in jail for over two weeks, he was supposed to face alleged attempted murder but the charges were diminished to aggression but he was supposed to face trial from “the inside” and now he has been liberated and he will have to sign the trial log every month, live in his address and not to get close to the alleged victim.

The struggle for water issue is still valid for them, Mexicali Resiste, bot the mighty power of Constellation Brands has imposed its will and the construction of its brewery goes on faster than ever while Mexicali Resiste keeps saying the corporation will deplete Mexicali of water and keep radicalizing their fight.

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