Dr. Fernando León García, Rector CETYS (Photo: CETYS).

Mexicali, B.C. to May 25, 2018. – Dr. Fernando León García, Rector of the CETYS University System, explained to Universty Rectors of 26 other countries that the challenge towards 2030 in Research, Development and Innovation will have to focus on empowering talent from training of people in a valuation framework; promote an interdisciplinary approach in education that includes international links and projects, and support the development of the teaching staff. This was mentioned in the framework of the IV International Rectors Meeting Universia, held in Spain.

Dr. Fernando León attended the most important meeting of Rectors in Spain and Latin America, celebrated in the framework of the VIII centenary of the University of Salamanca, Spain, participating as an international expert in the R + D + i panel on the 2030 horizon: talent, ethical responsibility and disruptive technologies.

La I+D+i en el horizonte 2030 (Photo: CETYS)

In that sense, León García pointed out that higher education institutions will have to privilege teaching but create mechanisms to promote and recognize R + D + i; establish bases for applied research and linkage with companies; as well as struggling for a consensus agenda between universities and companies, focused on strengths and a win / win situation.

Through this type of international and inter-institutional participation, CETYS University seeks to strengthen the bonds of collaboration between educational institutions that favor the development of their students in the present and the future.

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