“There’s a social conflict already going on in Mexico” Tatiana Clouthier


“There is already a social conflict in Mexico, it’s been happening before this electoral process”, was part of the answer that Tatiana Clouthier, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador campaign coordinator, gave to Mexicali media representatives, nevertheless the question was related to the probability of a probable repressive operation orchestrated for election day by PAN and PRI, the political binomial that’s ruled Mexico over the past eight decades.

Assuming a defensive attitude before the questions of the media, Clouthier remarked that there have been 205 thousand dead as a result of Mr. Pena Nieto and Mr. Calderon terms in office, however media wanted to know her opinion regarding the probability of a repressive charge that these two parties might unleash in case of feeling threatened by losing power thus letting loose attack partisan brigades on election day, unfortunately the defensive tone of Mrs. Clouthier prevailed during the press conference and the answers got “lost on translation”.

The water issue in Baja California, the “copycat” accusations against PAN candidate Ricardo Anaya, her opinion about AMLO campaign teammate Manuel Bartlett who operated in the 80s from the Mexican Secretary of State to take away the Governor’s charge from her father who had won the election, were some of her answers to the Press, while people were arriving to the hall where a Conference for Baja California citizens was about to take place.


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