Mayor Sanchez celebrates the Naval Forces Day in San Felipe

It was 76 years ago when then President Manuel Avila Camacho decreed that every June first would be the Naval Forces Day and yesterday in San Felipe, Mexicali Mayor Gustavo Sanchez Vazquez headed the ceremony to commemorate the seventy sixth Anniversary of this important day, and said that the Mexican Naval Force safeguards the Mexican coasts and seas.

It’s a great opportunity to recall the relevance of this Mexican institution which works every day all over Mexico’s coasts with men and women who are committed to accomplish their mission, which is to keep security and protect Mexico’s ocean waters as well as the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf of California, and which have been fighting Narco-crime the last twelve years.

The honor guests next to Mayor Sanchez Vazquez were: Héctor Capetillo, Commander of the 1st Naval Sector; Isaac López Vargas, Captain of San Felipe Port; Colonel Ronaldo Dominguez Ista; and the Fishery Director of Baja California Victor Alonso Ibáñez Esquer.

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