State Government recommends avoiding the use of irrigation canals as recreational areas

MEXICALI, BC- Friday, June 1, 2018.- In order to prevent damage to the health of citizens, the Baja Califorina State Government through the Ministry of Health, calls for not using irrigation channels, drains or wells as recreational areas, since there is a risk of contracting amoeba.

Health authorities commented that this protozoan is found in poorly maintained bodies of water like the places mentioned above, as well as pools that are not properly chlorinated.

It is important that parents do not allow their children to go to these sites, which are the natural habitat of this amoeba that causes meningoencephalitis once it enters the body through the nostrils and that may lead to death.

The symptoms are: intense frontal headache, nausea, vomiting, fever, drowsiness, decay, malaise and in more advanced stages it causes sudden vomiting, mental alterations, convulsive attacks, coma and ultimately, death; so if the first symptoms appear, the patient should go to the nearest hospital, and inform if the patient went into a channel, so the appropriate treatment can provided.

The health personnel mentioned that in the hot season it is common for families to buy small inflatable pools, and it is advisable that when the activity is finished, the water is reused for watering plants; but for no reason should be stored for days as the sun removes chlorine from water and leaves it exposed to microorganisms that are extremely harmful to health.

For those pools that handle large volumes of water, you should go to a maintenance expert for proper cleaning control.

Source: Secretaría de Salud de Baja California

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