Baja California Transparency Institute fines two political parties and a Union

Fines to two political parties and the Beaurocrats Union of Rosarito were fined by the State Institute of Transparency and Public Information Access (ITAIP in Spanish) according to President Commissioner, Octavio Sandoval.

The “punished” were: Jaime Bonilla, Baja California MORENA Party President and Abraham Correa, PRD President because they failed to upload to their Web sites, the information required by articles 81 & 84 of the Baja California Transparency Law, the ITAIP had been reviewing the publishing since March this year.

ITAIP also determined to fine Miguel Angel Ibarra, General Secretary of the Beaurocrats Union of Rosarito, because he didn’t response, within the stablished time limits, to information requested by a citizen, which was related to income, expenses, salaries, professional fees and compensations of the Union in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

The fines are up to 12 thousand 090 pesos, nevertheless and in order to guarantee Law abiding by the three mentioned instances, the order was to require them again so they solve their situations or else they will e f9ined with an extra 24 thousand 180 pesos.

Sandoval also said that paying the fine doesn’t free the subject of accomplishing ITAIP’s resolutions and if they don’t do so, they can be fined another 120 thousand 900 pesos which must be paid with the resources of the mentioned subjects and not of the organizations they represent.

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