Three drug dealers arrested in Mexicali

As a result of anonymous 089 calls in Mexicali, three drug dealers were arrested, two men and a woman, by Ministerial Police agents commissioned to the Drug dealing Unit of the Under Attorney of Special Investigations in Valle del Colorado and Bellavista, both urban areas in Mexicali, Baja California.

The detentions were consequence of the execution of two search warrants, first a couple who had been denounced by an anonymous caller in Valle del Colorado, a man and a woman who were selling drugs in their house, so the agents showed up and started surveillance, they saw addicts arriving to the referred house to buy drugs, and the people selling them coincided with the description giving by the caller.

The search warrant was requested and granted and IGNACIO “X” aka “El  Nacho”, 43 years old from Sinaloa and ANA MARIA “X”, 34 years old from Nueva Italia, Michoacán, the agents found three bundles of a white granulated substance, probably the drug known as ICE.

IN another search, in Camelias and Agualeguas streets, in Bellavista, Mexicali, JESUS ABRAHAM “X”, 29 years old, was arrested, he had been denounced as a drug dealer and in the place where he was there were 14 packages of a brownish substance, seemingly heroin; 14 packages with white granulated substance seemingly ICE and 10 bundles of green dried herb, seemingly marihuana.

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