Fifth yearly report of Brenda Ruacho de Vega, Baja California Family Development System President

The “School for Parents” program of the Family Development System of Baja California (BC DIF) has had considerable growth, from 1 thousand 200 registered parents in its first year to 50 thousand in 2018, with this program, parens are given tools to understand the role they play as their children’s first educators and agents which transmit values to their children, said BC DIF President, Brenda Ruacho de Vega in her V yearly report.

She also said that the Daycare Program which was created five years ago grew from 1 thousand 700 children to 31 thousand 634 in 2018, as well as the building and starting up of the operation of new daycare centers, to help working parents that had no possibility to hire babysitting services.

She also talked about the mobile app “Speak for them” which fosters the whistle-blowing culture against acts which attack the emotional and physical integrity of girls, boys and teenagers, as well as the works that will allow DIF to create two more apps: “For women” and #Don’tFalseStart, which will be providing resources to point out acts of violence against women and children and to prevent teenage pregnancy.

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