Canton physicians visit Chinese community in Mexicali

A team of doctors from Canton, China, arrived in Mexicali to attend the members of this community in the Baja California capital (which they call Small Canton), with acupuncture and Oriental medicine techniques.

The team of six doctors and one government official from Jiangmen, Guangdong Province (Canton) China, toured the US cities with the largest number of Chinese population, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, in California, and then they came to Mexicali, Baja California.

The next city that this team of doctors will be visiting is Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, where an important number of Chinese migrants and their descendants are also concentrated.

The services offered were completely free for the Chinese community of Mexicali.

Among the specialists are massage, medicine and acupuncture professionals, sent by the Government of China, headed by Yongyuan Chen, director of the medical delegation.

Esteban Leon, director of the community school of the Chinese Association, said that the team of doctors left on Tuesday for Mexico City, where they will spend four days attending the Chinese community in the country’s capital, and then they will be leaving for the Caribbean.

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