Baja California governor provides social support in Mexicali

MEXICALI, BC- Wednesday, November 7, 2018.- Following one of the commitments and responsibilities assumed at the beginning of this State Administration, to apply the resources that come from the Baja Californians to the most pressing and sensitive needs of the population, Governor Francisco “Kiko” Vega de Lamadrid, led on Wednesday the delivery of 115 social supports, for a total of 630,000 pesos, as part of a program with an annual investment of 35 million pesos to serve various social agencies through the Office of the Executive, in a coordinated manner with the Secretariat of Social Development of the State (SEDESOE).

The governor, who was accompanied by the President of DIF Baja California, Mrs. Brenda Ruacho de Vega, assured that these resources, are not granted by Governor Kiko Vega, “these resources are granted by you, the people of Baja California, and it is up to us to orient them in a very responsible and transparent way, so that it reaches those who need it the most, “he said.

Within the framework of this delivery in the sports park of the Felipe Ángeles neighborhood, support was provided for items of basic need, for construction materials, housing, medical, educational, cultural and for the payment of services, where the governor took the opportunity to endorse the commitment to continue working hand in hand with society and government, for the benefit of thousands of Baja Californians.

In the same sense, he thanked the important and noble work carried out by the community leaders, as they are the ones who detect the needs firsthand, so that the support reaches those who need it the most and who work everyday to carry out important actions to strengthen the pillar of society that is the family, this through the promotion of preventive programs.

Also, the President of DIF Baja California, noted that her husband Governor Kiko Vega, since the beginning of the State Administration, has worked with the people and for the people, therefore, in the dependency that she leads, 43 programs have been promoted and 19 additional topics are prepared to support the families of Baja California.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Juana Jiménez Rodríguez, thanked the medical support received on two occasions, her son was able to overcome a case of leukemia, “I have knocked on many doors, and you Mr. Governor has been there with me, for which I thank you, I can testify that you help the people who need it most, ” she said.

Also, Diana Jaqueline Esperanza Soto Báñales, thanked the support of Governor Kiko Vega, who gave her his economic support to get her college diploma, when her father died. “With all my heart I thank you very much Mr. governor, because with your help, I will be able to finish my studies, ” she said.

The Particular Secretary of the Executive, Roberto Karlo López Páez was also presetn at the event; as well as Francisca Max Guijón Díaz, another citizen who received support to cover her medical expenses.

Source: Gobierno del Estado de Baja California

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