More green areas and trees for Tijuana (CDT)

Tijuana.- The need for the city to have more parks and green areas is a task that has been taken seriously by the Economic Development Council of Tijuana (CDT), which aims to create several urban parks.

Luis Lutteroth del Riego, vice president of the CDT, spoke about this. “The plan contemplates initially 12 urban parks in the city of a size that will help us change the habits and behaviors of the communities that surround these green areas. The ideal is to have parks of up to 10 hectares to achieve this goal. The pilot is the first park with 1,500 trees in which we are already working on.

Aarón Victorio Escalante, executive director of the CDT, spoke about the work they have done to obtain the trees, which have been facilitated by the Conafor (National Forestry Commission).

“We have an agreement with Conafor for 9,600 trees in a first stage. We had received 6,800 trees, which are already in the Morelos Park, and some of them will be transplanted to other parks that are going to be developed. We have six different types of tree species, which are palm washingtonia, neem, black olive, huizache, blackberry and pomegranate “he concluded.

The Baja Post Newsroom with information from OEM

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