Political advisors: Marina del Pilar bought “little mirrors” and she’s been left alone against media attacks


To find a unique opportunity in this life is something that can make the difference between a common life and a great political future, is something that doesn’t happen every day, and Marina Pilar Avila found last July 1st, when she won a Federal Congresswoman seat in the House of Representatives by MORENA (President Lopez Obrador’s political party) and now from San Lazaro she tries to work despite a negative campaign against her in social media and some local and State media.

The attacks are violent and her defense is weak, regardless of who is advising her, Marina should think twice about the job that they are doing for her and if she is really getting the correct advise, because he/she doesn´t seem to care about her defense nor of answering the attacks which have been directed against her, it seems that, after winning the election by a landslide, she seems to have forgotten the ideals and values which moved her to become a candidate and as any other common politician, she fell under the spell of “advisors” which are only selling her “little mirrors” while she thought she was buying “world class advisory”.

NOTE: The term “to sell little mirrors” (vender espejitos), comes from the historic fact that says that the Spanish Conquistadors used to trade little mirrors for gold and other gems with the Aztecs, since the indigenous people of Mesoamerica had never seen a mirror in their lives, and therefore considered them extremely valuable. So the term is used when a person is deceived in some way.


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