Hard and intense rain forecast for Thursday an Friday in Pacific Coast: Governor Vega

The weather forecast for the following days warns of intense rain for all Baja California, mainly the Pacific Coast, so Governor Kiko Vega invited all the State residents to take precautions, to be alert and pay attention to the information that the Civil Protection State Council will be broadcasting through radio and TV as well on social media posts by the State Government.

The forecasts warns of hard rain for Wednesday and Thursday but the Council will be active and alert all the weekend and for the Pacific Coast, rains are not expected to be so hard in Mexicali but authorities advise to remain alert to people all over the state.

Governor Vega announced the following actions:

  • Internal pre-alert emission to protect and prevent the people in Baja California.
  • Operational tables to take care of the following: General Coordination, Humanitarian Attention, Rescue and Emergency Service, Health, Safety and Security, Damage Evaluation as well as Communication
  • Municipal Civil Protection Councils implementation
  • Issue opportune information for all the people in the State to remain alert and to follow the State Civil Protection recommendations or any other State instance involved in the emergency weather alert
  • Work with the media and to request their support to inform about the operational tables and keep all the people in the state informed.

Antonio Rosquillas Navarro, State Civil Protection Coordinator explained that according to the National Meteorology Service, the rain precipitation will amount up to 100 y 125 millimeters for the Pacific Coast in the time period going from 36 to 40 hours starting from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday night, but schools will be closed Thursday and Friday in the coast and Mexicali schools will be closed on Thursday according to the last press issue by the State Government..

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