Cartels and other signs against Constellation appear in Mexicali and farmers go to the Senate asking for help


February 26th in the morning, in Mexicali in front of Plaza Cachanilla, there were cartels hanging from the pedestrian overpass over Lopez Mateos Avenue, protesting against Constellation Brands, the company that still elicits comments and complaints, controversy and arguments about its brewery construction in Mexicali valley, THE BAJA POST also obtained information about a group of farmers traveling to the Senate of the Republic to ask for help to the Agrarian Matters Commission.

Senator Xochitl Galvez, member of the afore mentioned commission, commented in an exclusive interview with THE BAJA POST that these people were there with her and the rest of the commission, but she said that she couldn´t make a statement regarding this matter, since she´s not well acquainted with the situation and she won´t say anything about it until she gets all the data and information about this case.

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