Trump’s budget another injustice, danger to border communities (Sierra Club)

Washington, DC– On March 11th, President Trump released his annual budget proposal which included some of the steepest proposed cuts yet to federal agencies that protect the health of the public and environment while increasing funds for more border wall by $8.6 billion.

The border wall budget request comes after a 35-day-long government shutdown that ultimately ended in $1.3 billion more for border walls and Trump’s declaration of a national emergency in an attempt to gain more funds for construction on top of what was already allocated.

In response, Dan Millis, Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter Borderlands Program Manager released the following statement:

“Trump’s budget proposal must be thrown out immediately. Any funds for more border walls are unnecessary and immoral, and spending almost $9 billion of taxpayer money for more walls while completely gutting other critical government services that help to protect the health of all Americans is repulsive.

“We must continue to reject the irrationality and hate projected by the Trump Administration — a truth that is made clearer than ever by this egregious budget proposal. The threat of more border walls should not be taken lightly. These barriers have harmed and will continue to harm communities and  wildlife, while putting American livelihoods at risk, in the name of false security.”

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