Lack of Federal funds for immigrant shelters might create a serious problem; hundreds of Central Americans keep arriving to Mexicali


There are hundreds of Central-Americans arriving to Mexicali, from south in the so-called caravans or deported by the US Government to wait in Mexican territory for US Immigration authorities to decide about their humanitarian asylum, this situation gets serious, since Mexico’s Government has decided to cancel federal funding for private organizations.

Mexicali immigrant shelter directors are worried about their future and their capability to help immigrants since President Lopez Obrador decided to stop funding those and other Civil Society Organizations (OSCs) because he has decided they are corrupt and embezzle funds and stated that the funds would be delivered directly to the people and not the OSCs.

“The cost of supporting an immigrant is about 320 pesos every day, taking in consideration direct and indirect expenses”, said Altagracia Tamayo, “now that President Lopez Obrador has decided to stop funding these organizations we don’t  know what we are going to do, and more and more immigrants are arriving to Mexicali”.

She also said that according to AMLO´s Government, the funds will be delivered directly to the people, but it is hard how that is going to work when it comes to the immigrants  . . . “are they going to receive money from the Government? . . .” it is hard to tell, meanwhile hundreds of immigrants keep entering Mexico through the South border, because the door is open for them and President Lopez Obrador says that there is a basic human right related to immigration.

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