Cannabis Fest: May 1 – 4 in La Paz, BCS

From May 1 to 4, the Cannabis Fest is planned to be held in La Paz, BCS; which will seek to socialize the consumption of marijuana, through talks, documentaries, workshops and conferences, according to one of its main organizers, Víctor Guadarrama.

The Festival, in honor of one of the most popular drugs in Mexico, which they have sought to legalize since years ago, is being carried out by a cannabis-motivated group, which is made up of 8 people, who decided to organize the event after the International March for Marijuana, which takes place on March every year in different countries around the world.

“It is important to bet on changing common sense, and only art and culture have the potential to transcend and turn cannabis consumption into a unique personal experience and create bonds that make people open up their minds, to address collective issues,” said Guadarrama.

This would be one of the first festivals of its kind, in Baja California Sur; And since it is inspired on a march in favor of this drug, the organizers are thinking about having a Mrach of their own in the state capital next year.

Source: El Sudcaliforniano

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