“The UABC is working under protest” Dean Daniel Octavio Valdez

“We are not going to stop working, however, we are going to do it under protest, we believe that it is the manner to go out and tell the Baja California Government that we need to be paid, urgently”, said the Dean of the University Autonomous of Baja California (UABC in Spanish), Daniel Octavio Valdez Delgadillo, and recalled that there is an outstanding debt of 988.5 million pesos which the UABC hasn’t received.  

He said that working under protest means two things: “One, that we perfectly understand that the main priority of the UABC is education and stop working to demonstrate would mean harming about 65 thousand students and he also stated he understands the situation of this moment in which Baja California is in an electoral process and they are aware of that and wouldn’t like to become an influence factor in the election, since the university is utterly respectful of the democratic process.

“We work under protest because we are taking care of our responsibility which is to offer quality education but we also demand the payment of the debt which will allow us to carry out pour programs and do our job” said doctor Valdez Delgadillo.

On March 12th, the UABC and the Baja California State Government signed an agreement guaranteeing a 600 million pesos payment which didn’t happen because the amount of Federal Funds for the State had already run out, so due to this situation, the Dean talked to Governor Kiko Vega, to request payment as soon as possible so the UABC can go ahead with its programs and students services.

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