Ivan Riebeling says it´s absurd to say he wants to sell weapons to Hondurans

The so called “Commander Cobra”, denied to be part of a plot to sell arms to Honduran immigrants in order for them to set up an attack against the USA on the border, while SAN DIEGO UNION states that Ivan Riebeling (real name of the Cobra) and another individual called Evan Duke, had been mentioned in an FBI report as being part of the operation, which was denied by Duke who said that he would never team up with a guy like Riebeling.

On the other hand, Riebeling said that he can show videos where he is attacking Honduran immigrants because “they are my enemies”, he said, even when he supported one of the first caravans from the Central American country, which had women and children mostly, but now the tables have turned and they are his enemies.

Commander Cobra or Mariano Ivan Martín del Campo Riebeling, is quite a character, he claims to be the Director of a Human Rights international organization from the United Nations, but he hasn´t been able to prove it, he has also been the main actor in several scandals and he has threatened journalists, Governor Vega and other people on YouTube videos, he´s been arrested and freed several times.

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