Few people demonstrated against President Lopez Obrador in Mexicali, in CdMx there were 15 thousand demonstrators


The demonstration against president Lopez Obrador barely gathered 30 people in Mexicali, while in Mexico City there were around 15 thousand people marching and protesting against AMLO´s policies and decisions, but in Baja California capital city, where former Mayor Victor Hermosillo and well known entrepreneur Héctor Sada, in a meeting where the idea was to protest against what they, called “fifís” by AMLO and his cronies, a hatred and discordance policy of sorts that they deem is fostered every day by the President form his daily morning press conference.

There were a few more than thirty people in Vicente Guerrero monument with cartels and t-shirts with messages referring AMLO´s policies and their disagreement and discontent regarding  Lopez Obrador and what they consider his intent to divide Mexicans in “conservatives” and “liberals”, which would seem an intentional action to label any dissidence as “fifí”, “conservatives” and other names with which Lopez Obrador discards all those who don´t share his vision of the world or who question him.

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