“I am not allowed to talk about electoral issues”: Former B.C. Health Secretary Guillermo Trejo


Curiosity and intrigue surrounded the press conference offered by former Health Secretary of Baja California, Guillermo Trejo, who announced his resignation (or firing?) for allegedly joining Jaime Bonilla campaign, MORENA candidate for Governor, in the middle of rumors regarding a partisan meeting in his house, which turned out to be false according to some MORENA sources, in the end Trejo said that he quit his position in Kiko Vega´s cabinet and when he was asked for further infrmatoion he said he wasn´t allowed to touch upon electoral matters.

AMLO and MORENA´s win of last July the first has motivated politicians from all over to join forces with the winners, many PRI and PAN members who were supposed to be loyal and coherent, have gotten out of partisan ranks to migrate to MORENA, where they expect to relive former experiences and be able to be part of the “fourth transformation” of Mexico, but their attitude only goes to show that they would do anything to keep their power positions in such a surreal political system as the Mexican.

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