Killer and rapist step father sentenced to thirty years in jail for the death of a one year old child

JESÚS BERNABE GARCÍA IRIETA, thirty one years old,accused of the murder and attempted rape of a one and half year old child, who was his stepson, was sentenced to more than 3o years in jail, for the crime he committed in 2015, which led to the death of the boy on August 2nd of that year, was found guilty and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment according to the Division of Crimes against Life and Health of the State Attorney Office of Baja California.

It was on July 30th 2015, when the little boy, named Dilan, was taken to the hospital, with severe skull fractures and brain concussion, as well as signs that he had been raped, he remained in the Infantile Maternal Hospital for three days until he died on August 2nd, GARCIA IRIETA had stated that the child hurt himself when he slipped and hit a coffee table in his house living room on Matamoros street in Lomas de Abasolo, in eastern Mexicali.

The State Attorney office investigated and was able to prove that the accused had been left alone with the child and attempted to rape him, hit him in different parts of the body and provoked serious and severe damage in the boy´s head which hurt him bad and led to his demise three days later, August 2nd, now the murderer will spend three decades locked, but many people think it is not enough punishment for him.

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