Governor for six years: Mr. Bonilla antidemocratic face, or . . . Is it the Electoral Court?


A Tijuana media news outlet, which has been one of Jaime Bonilla´s “favorites” has informed that the next Governor (who would remain in office for two years) would probably stay there for six years (not 5, not 2 but 6). . . Why?. It was agreed and there was a Legislative procedure to have a two-year term in office so Baja California would pair up with the rest of the country in order to have elections only every three years, because the state currently has elections almost every year.

In his utter confidence of “sweeping” in the State election of June 2nd, Bonilla has been showing his worst face, he seems to be a megalomaniac and it should be a huge concern for all Baja California residents, his pride knows no boundaries, he has “invited” distinguished OLD PRI members, imposing candidates and trying to change the two year term to his convenience thus making it a five or six year Governor’s term, with the State Electoral Court acting in his behalf.

The two year term was to pair Baja California with the rest of Mexico, regarding electoral years, but that doesn´t seem to matter to Mr. Bonilla, who has been showing discard and disrespect for the Law, in his limitless ambition to reign over Baja California, a dangerous signal of what would come with this candidate if he won the election.

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