Baja California, Aerospace industrial leader in México: Carlo Bonfante


There will be 110 thousand direct jobs will be created by the aerospace industry in Mexico by 2020, between 30 to 35% of them will be for engineers, which would leave behind the idea that maquila operations imply selling cheap labor to foreign companies, at least those are the expectations published in a PRO MEXICO survey in 2015 and if the growth trend and dynamics keep a steady pace, it´s most likely for this forecast to become real.

Baja California has bet for the development of the aerospace industrial branch, said Economic Development Secretary, Carlo Bonfante Olache during the state´s participation in the Mexican Aerospace Fair (FANES in Spanish) which took place late April in the Military Air Force Base 1 in Santa Lucía, Hidalgo.

Baja California has had a 54-year trajectory regarding aerospace industry operations, it has the biggest concentration of this sort of companies in Mexico with 92 operations in the state, around 25% of all the country´s aerospace operation and it currently means 35 thousand jobs.

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