Baja California high school system affected by Budget cuts in Education

The resources for the State High School System called CobachBC, as for the rest of the country, are formed with 50% of federal resources and the other 50 come from the State administration, for the first time in the story of this institution, the financial resources have a four month delay, said the school General Director Rosario Rodríguez.

She also said that during the national meeting of Directors, held in Querétaro, authorities that a budget cut amounting up to 150 million pesos would cause adjustments in the next cycle planning, such as 211 less groups, which means 9 thousand 700 less places for students by the next scholar cycle.

Other problems which were caused by the federal cut would be: Lack of payment of Year Bonus adding up to 56 million pesos for 2 thousand 270 employees (administrative workers and teachers) and stop recognizing labor fringe benefits such as the Pension Fund and the reduction of class hours for teachers

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